Seen at the Show: Design Trends at HOMEARAMA®

HOMEARAMA® at Parkside Estates only lasts a few more days, but there’s still time to see the latest and greatest interior design trends. This year’s designers pulled out all the stops in showing design innovation. Get a glimpse at the latest trends below.


In the spirit of maximalism, wallpaper is making a comeback! From subtle to luxe, each designer incorporated designs into these stunning homes to pack some punch. HOMEARAMA® visitors are especially loving the bold floral found in Elkridge II, but even those with wallpaper woes are sure to find a pattern they love.

HOMEARAMA® 2021 Wallpaper

Tile Work

Accompanying the wallpaper pops are incredible tile designs used in kitchens, bathrooms and bar areas. Visitors love seeing the range of tile designs, from coastal to art deco and everything in between. The tiling makes for incredible design details that highlight the luxury living of these homes.

HOMEARAMA® 2021 Tile Work

Luxury Lighting

Another eye-catching design trend spotted at this year’s show is the array of stunning light fixtures. Chandeliers to pendants, rustic to contemporary: These homes add light with exceptional style.

HOMEARAMA® 2021 Luxury Lighting

Floor-to-Ceiling Color

Statement walls are transformed into statement rooms in several HOMEARAMA® homes, including multiple studies and La Bella Vita’s bourbon room. Designers have taken one bold color and covered not only each wall, but also the ceiling. This makes for an especially cozy space inspired by the Dark Academia trend.

HOMEARAMA® 2021 Floor-to-Ceiling Color


The marble trend at this year’s show perfectly encapsulates “luxury living.” Rather than going overboard, these designers know how to balance marble to show off its sleek and elegant appearance. But marble doesn’t just appear in kitchens--it can also be found in bathrooms and living rooms.

HOMEARAMA® 2021 Marbling

Animal Print

Animal print might seem like an odd choice, but it’s a great way of tying a room together. Several designers have utilized these prints in furniture and rug choices in a variety of color palettes. The print undoubtedly adds an extra pop to any room.

HOMEARAMA® 2021 Animal Print

The great designs don’t stop there! Be sure to visit HOMEARAMA® through October 3 to get your own design inspiration.

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