For Builders, It’s the Championship Event

What is it like to build a home for HOMEARAMA®? Redknot Homes construction manager DJ Hlovchiec takes you behind the scenes and shares his perspective in a new blog post at Redknot Homes’ website.

In typical 2020 fashion, last year’s HOMEARAMA® show at Walworth Junction came with unique challenges: a short building time, interrupted supply chains and concerns over the feasibility of the show.

Still, Redknot Homes, Wieland Builders, Sterling Homes, JNB Custom Homes and Frazier Homes jumped at the opportunity to showcase their work at the first ever show in the city of Cincinnati.

The Big Leagues

In the blog post, DJ describes how building a HOMEARAMA® home is like playing in a championship game: One you spend your career preparing for. For DJ, the feeling was multiplied: Redknot, like Sterling Homes, built not one but two homes in the 2020 show.

“Custom homes typically take 12 months to build from start to move-in-day,” DJ explains, “but with some seriously long hours (including some all-nighters) and a team of dedicated managers, vendors and laborers, the two homes were completed within five months.”

Back on the Field

Fortunately the 2021 HOMEARAMA® is proceeding at a more normal pace for the featured builders. All of the teams are excited to show off their craftsmanship when the show opens on September 18.

In the end, the long days pay off, DJ says. “Seeing the faces of folks light up with excitement as they walk into our homes brings a feeling of pride that can hardly be described.”

You can see Redknot's two new homes in just a few weeks. Grab your tickets now to see the stunning homes of HOMEARAMA® 2021.

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