Builder Profile: Frazier Homes

After winning three first-place people’s choice awards at HOMEARAMA 2018, Frazier Homes brings a distinctive new home, The Riverview, to this year’s show. Headed by Andre Frazier, a Cincinnati native and former NFL player, Frazier Homes is a family operation dedicated to creating premium custom homes.

Frazier Homes brings together the most important facets in developing luxury homes: a talented team of experts, professionalism, attention to detail and quality customer service.

“Our goal is to be known as the best custom home building company,” Andre Frazier says. Along with his team, Frazier takes extra care to build homes that are complete with modern amenities and high-quality finishes. The company’s custom-designed homes suit their owners, incorporate their vision and fit their unique sites. No matter the scale, Frazier concentrates on bringing dreams to reality.

The Frazier Team

Working with custom designs and adhering to the highest standards of quality and finish, Frazier Homes manages every aspect of the home construction project so clients can relax and enjoy a seamless, stress-free process. From initial sketches to choosing custom details through every stage of construction, Frazier Homes’ clients are guided step by step.

“We take pride in establishing trustworthy relationships with our clients,” Frazier says. In doing so, they rely on structural integrity and fine craftsmanship to create timeless beauty.

His company is committed to provide an exceptional experience for its clients. The company’s staff and crews approach every custom home project with a willingness to work hard and provide consistent professionalism.

To learn more about Frazier Homes, visit the company’s website. For more information, call Frazier Homes at (513) 889-4000.

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